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Setting Sail

Some of us are lucky enough to discover a purpose for our lives that is so important, it forces us to set things aside to pursue. Eventually, everything we do is a process to pursue this path. Guardian Sailing has been my purpose. Many years ago I remember praying and asked God how I can combine my love of sailing with helping people. I wasn’t ready then. I didn’t have the skills necessary, the wisdom or the patience to do so then. I am grateful for my struggles and challenges as they have shaped my character and destination in positive ways and provide an answer to that prayer now.

When I was a child all I wanted to be was a marine biologist. I wanted to take off to sail the oceans discovering and studying life in abundance below the surface of waves. Life would have different plans, but the dream never died. It was buried deep inside for a time. It’s funny how such seeds grow and pull you back whether you realize it or not. When I discovered sailing so many years ago I KNEW this was it. This experience would be a lifestyle that I was beholden too, love and appreciate. Sailing offers amazing adventures, travel, peace, adrenaline, joy, friendship and healing. I have raced, cruised, sat at anchor in beautiful places in the world, watched and listened in the most spectacular ways that brought me so much joy and peace. As my current career in the military comes to an end in the next few years the allure and adventure of sailing calls to me more and more. My daughter watches it unfold daily around the house. Creating an organization that cements passion for sailing and experiences as a soldier, one who once struggled with substance abuse, and PTSD to aid others in healing or improving their standing in life is a blessing and a challenge. One that would not be realized without the strength of Jesus in my life.

We are in a building phase right now. Guardian Sailing has a great board of directors with the skills and abilities to help see us rise. We have great support from the people that know us and are familiar with our mission. We want to expand that. We are seeking donations in support of our mission to see our goals realized and benefit others. We have this great new logo from Kathlene Sage. An awesome website by Mix Handed Branding. Proposals for donors being drawn up as we speak so we can find partnerships in our community. Victor Felice from Tiller and Kites in Arizona is donating a J24 for our first large campaign to gather awareness and raise funds for our efforts in this year’s Race to Alaska. Team Guardian sailing is made up of Emily Boes, Eric Redmond, Joe Cleinmark and myself for this event and we couldn’t be more thrilled. To all the friends and family members that support our mission and purpose you have my deepest gratitude and thanks. There will be so much more to see as time moves forward so keep an eye out for us on the socials with Guardian Sailing. We hope you follow our progress and listen to an upcoming podcast with us for the Race to Alaska. Guardian Sailing, out.


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